Entropy Plaza

I got this term from my husband, Pat, who once built a small stone plaza around our flagpole. He's always been interested in fractals and the chaos theory. (That's possibly why he married me.) Anyway, the basic definition of entropy is as a measure of the disorder that exists in a system. In physics, it's a measure of the energy in a system or process that is unavailable to do work. (Wow! That is so me!) I got this from the Microsoft Word on-line dictionary. If you understand it, let me know.

So, how does this have any bearing on the stone plaza? Well, he started off placing the stones very neatly. Eventually, he realized everything wasn't going to fit perfectly in the space he had defined, so he finished the job a bit haphazardly, with stones going off in all directions. He dusted off his hands and declared it to be Entropy Plaza--from order into chaos.

And that kind of sums up the way I function.


Smile said...

Love your comments and sense of humor. Great pics of your books!!

Koke said...

I think you have that backwards... you're much better described as: order FROM chaos.

Cool blog!

Shelly said...

Awesome! I love seeing women who succeed with their dreams and excel in their profession. You have a great blog!